We provide a stable and high rewarding staking coin mineable with PoS and PoW by anyone.
 Annual staking interest: 365%

Welcome to VARIUS!

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Want to get access to exclusive VARIUS publications? By donating 10$ or more you can get access to our exclusive publications, e.g. the mini book "Internet Dollars" about the exciting story of an imaganiary cryptocurrency. Click here to find out more about our exclusive publications!

The swap from DVRS to VARIUS (1k:1) just started on 2nd April 2018. Join our discord here to get swapped. Contact user maijel#9013 or silecraft#1047 to get swapped!

VARIUS provides you a stable staking coin with high staking rewards. Our coin can be mined using proof of work too. Also we do regular charity donations.

We have an experienced software developer onboard that will help us build a stable blockchain and a new wallet.

When we say "stable" we mean that we avoid making forks, wallet updates and other experiments more than really necessary. Also we will provide a fixed annual interest - no premium blocks or other things that can be exploited by gambling them.



Minutes Block Time
Billion Max Supply
Ways to Mine