We are a revival of the abandonded cryptocoin "Diverse". We provide a stable and high rewarding staking coin mineable with PoS and PoW by anyone.
 Annual staking interest: 365%


 How to mine:¬†Our coin can be mined using Proof of Work and Proof of stake by anyone – click here to find out more about these mining approaches.

 Staking calculator: Use our staking calculator here to find out how many coins you need in your wallet for getting frequent stake rewards.

Important resources


Staking pools

If you cannot run the wallet 24/7 on your computer (needed for getting staking reward results), join a staking pool. They run a managed wallet 24/7 for you and have enough coins to stake very often.

GIVES Coin – Multi staking pool

AltStaking BR




Mining pools

AsiaPool.Trade – Official partner pool (1% Fee)

NotoHash (No fees until April 25th!)
AltPool (0.8% Fees)


Coin info

Ticker: VARIUS
Algo: Scrypt
Masternodes: Not available!
Mining: PoS (365% APR fixed) + PoW (dynamic)
Max. supply: 50 Billion
Stake age: Min: 4hours, Max: Unlimited
Block time: 1 Minute
Premine: 18 Million (0.3% – For swap, projects costs like marketing and exchanges)

PoW rewards: Block 1-10k: 0.5 Coins After block 10k: Halving every 10k blocks!

Swap procedure: Swap ratio 1k:1 (manual swap). That means DVRS holders send their coin to a burn adress and receive VARIUS coins.