We provide a stable and high rewarding staking coin mineable with PoS and PoW by anyone.
 Annual staking interest: 365%


 How to mine: Our coin can be mined using Proof of Work and Proof of stake by anyone – click here to find out more about these mining approaches.

Important resources

Staking pools

If you cannot run the wallet 24/7 on your computer (needed for getting staking reward results), join a staking pool. They run a managed wallet 24/7 for you and have enough coins to stake very often.



Mining pools

AsiaPool.Trade – Official partner pool (1% Fee)

NotoHash (No fees until April 25th!)

AltPool (0.8% Fees)

Coin info

Ticker: VARIUS
Algo: Scrypt
Masternodes: Not available!
Mining: PoS (365% APR fixed) + PoW (dynamic)
Max. supply: 50 Billion
Stake age: Min: 4hours, Max: Unlimited
Block time: 1 Minute
Premine: 18 Million (0.3% – For swap, projects costs like marketing and exchanges)

PoW rewards: Block 1-10k: 0.5 Coins After block 10k: Halving every 10k blocks!

Swap procedure: Swap ratio 1k:1 (manual swap). That means DVRS holders send their coin to a burn adress and receive VARIUS coins.