We provide a stable and high rewarding staking coin mineable with PoS and PoW by anyone.
 Annual staking interest: 365%


Why do we need donators?

Do you want to support our project? Become a donator! Here are a few reasons why you should become one:

  • Donators have exclusive access to contents we publish on our section "Publications" on this website. This publications are usually small stories or technical articles.
  • Cryptocurrencies stay alive by receiving support from their users - people help other people to get started in the cryptoscene and optimize their holdings. They are not like traditional companies or other organizations, they are peer to peer focused and the community creates value.

How to donate

To donate please contact user zero24x#1361 on our chat here. Payments are possible using most popular cryptocurrencies, some examples:

  • LTC
  • LTC
  • DASH

Donations history

We are open and transparent in terms of money flows, so here you can see all donations that have been made and details about them.


2018-12-16 nick30017 0.4 LTC

Donations usage

In the table below you can find out what the money from donations is being used for currently.


2018-12 to 2019-02 Buying VARIUS coins at exchanges to increase the price. This will be done slowly, no aggresive/extreme pumps will be done!