We provide a stable and high rewarding staking coin mineable with PoS and PoW by anyone.
 Annual staking interest: 365%


If your wallet is in the top 10 richlist wallets list you can join the "Investors club".

Joining this club will give you lots of benefits and insights into our project - an exclusive service for the top investors.


How can I join?

Just contact us on our discord chat (Click on the menu entry "Chat" in the menu on the top of this page) and contact one of our developers or managers to join.

Below you can find a list of all exclusive benefits we provide our top investors:

Early insight

You will get early updates regarding changes to our coin - things like new exchanges, reward changes etc.

Premium Support

We will quickly respond to your technical questions or issues.

Active Feedback

You can actively give us feedback regarding our decisions for future plans and we will discuss with you about it.

Beta Tests

You can participate in beta tests of the wallet or our website.